Wireless call kit for disabled RC-11 + R-02

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  • Number of ringing tones: 52 melodies;
  • ASK modulation, 10 mW power;
  • Volume: 4 levels, from 0 to 110 dB;
  • Working temperature range: from -30 to + 70 ° С;
  • Removable strap included.

The wireless call system for disabled people, consisting of the RECS RC-11 button and the R-02 pager, is a convenient and professional solution for communication between patients and service personnel. It does not require additional installation expenses, has a high degree of water resistance and a wide range of operating temperatures from -30 to + 70° С, which allows it to operate outdoors, in a building, and in high humidity conditions.

The RECS RC-11 + R-02 call system consists of a lightweight call button on a lace and an R-02 hand pager. The range of the receiver reaches up to 100 meters from the call button.

The RC-11 call button is completely sealed, it works on a two CR2016 batteries. It is designed for comfortable, long wearing on the neck of the patient, with the help of a lace with a plastic latch. 

Waiter pager-watches R-02 White is the most popular gadget for a waiter since its appearance on the market. The sleek pager case resembles the design of the famous Apple iWatch.

Pager R-02 for wireless personnel calling systems in a stylish and slim ABS plastic case with a rubber strap. This pager has an incredible software power and rich functionality that will easily satisfy even the most picky client - a restaurateur or a head of medical institution.

The working principle of the RECS RC-11 + R-02 kit

The electronic circuit of the device was developed by specialists of the USA RECS laboratory, based on an ATMEL microcontroller with a frequency synthesizer of 433.92 MHz and an output signal power of 10 mW. 

The working principle of the kit is extremely simple. The patient has the call button. It can be placed by the bed or hang around patient's neck on a comfortable strap. The call button body is small and fits your hand comfortably. It's enough to gently touch the blue rubberized button for a call. If needed, the strap can be detached and separated from the button.

The pager-watches R-02 are under the care of a nurse or other personnel who take care of the sick. The maximum distance of the signal reach is not more than 100 m from the call button. When the patient presses the blue call button, it is highlighted from the inside, which signals the presence of power and the signal transmission to the pager. At this moment, a paging signal appears on the pager with a text explanation of who the signal came from.

You can connect several call buttons RC-11 to one pager watches.

Product specifications

Range Indoor / Outdoor 100/100
Battery life up to 3 years
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication Display, LED
Power Buttons: A23 12V, Pager: built-in 3.7 V 500 mA battery, charging via micro USB
Protection IP55

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