Order Status Display Kit R-990 + R-95

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  • The number of simultaneously displayed call numbers on the screen: 3.
  • The number of characters in the call number: 3.
  • The number of stored in the memory of call numbers with the ability to view in cyclic mode: 30.
  • Maximum number of connected call buttons: up to 999.
  • There is a signal volume control.
  • Installation type: wall mounted.

The ready-made electronic queue system is a complete call system without wires. The RECS Wireless Electronic Queue makes it easy for a visitor to receive an order and helps to avoid queues in front of a cash register or bar. Using the system improves the loyalty of both new visitors and regular customers.

We recommend the "Electronic queue" system for fast food restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, banks, medical institutions and various establishments.

The system consists of a RECS R-95 transmitter and a RECS R-990 receiver screen.

Receiver screen is used to quickly receive and display the signals numbers of the call buttons and kitchen transmitters. It is usually located in a room on the wall, in a convenient place for visitors to view. 999 transmitters can be connected to it, located at a distance of up to 300 meters.

Three three-digit numbers are simultaneously displayed on the receiver screen. On the left, the last call is displayed in large numbers, on the right, in small numbers - the two previous calls. When receiving a digital radio signal, the received number from the transmitter or the number of the call button is displayed on the screen and an audiosignal sounds.

In addition, the receiver has a voice announcement mode for the call number. The second component of the electronic queue call system is the RECS transmitter with a touch keyboard and an indicator. It is used to quickly send the call number (queue) to the receiver-board. Up to 999 receivers can be programmed into the transmitter.

How the electronic queue call system works

  • The R-95 transmitter is installed at the workplace of a person who's working with a queue of visitors (cashier's desk, reception desk). Both devices are connected to the electricity grid using power supply units (supplied).
  • Each visitor approaching the responsible person orders a service or product, pays for it and receives a paper receipt (or check) with an individual three-digit queue number programmatically generated on the computer. When the order is ready and the next visitor needs to be notified, the specialist dials the corresponding three-digit queue number on the transmitter's keyboard and presses the button with a bell on the transmitter. This number is immediately displayed on the receiver screen. And the visitor with the corresponding number comes to receive his order.

The system is very flexible and can be applied anywhere: in restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzerias and other HoReCa establishments. In such systems, the receiver gets information for waiters from call buttons from visitors and from kitchen transmitters from chefs.

In institutions working with clients, service centers and other establishments RECS R-990 is used to organize an electronic queue and invite customers registered in the queue under a certain number. The signal from the call button in this case is sent by an employee.

The system can also be successfully used in medical institutions and at enterprises to call employees to the headman.

Product specifications

Dimensions 460x158x45
Range Indoor / Outdoor receiver: 200, transmitter: 100/150
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED screen
Power External power supply: 12 V, 1 A

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