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Код: 43
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  • The number of simultaneously displayed call numbers on the screen: 3.
  • The number of characters in the call number: 3.
  • The number of stored in the memory of call numbers with the ability to view in cyclic mode: 30.
  • Maximum number of connected call buttons: up to 999.
  • There is a signal volume control.
  • Installation type: wall mounted.

Waiter / Staff Call Receiver R-990 RECS USA is designed to work in the RECS waiter call system. This receiver is used to get radio signals from wireless call buttons and kitchen transmitters. Up to 999 ringing devices located at a distance of up to 200 m can be connected to the receiver. Up to three three-digit numbers are simultaneously displayed on the screen.

The last call is displayed in a large font on the left, the two previous calls are displayed on the right in a smaller font.

When a radio signal is received from transmitting device, the button or transmitter number is displayed on the receiver's display, accompanied by an audio signal. You can configure voice duplication of the number and call type.

The waiter/personnel call receiver R-990 RECS USA is used in different spheres:

  • in restaurants, cafes, bars and other HoReCa establishments, the receiver gets signals for waiters from visitors' call buttons and from chef's kitchen transmitters. The receivers are usually installed in the halls, on the bar counters, in the workplace of the administrator;
  • in medical institutions, receivers are installed in hospitals at nurses' duty stations to receive calls from patients. In ambulatory-type establishments, where the system of personnel call is used by personnel itself to communicate each other (for example, call the nurse on duty or the administrator to the doctor’s office), the receiver is installed at the reception;
  • in treatment rooms and spas for receiving calls from patients/clients;
  • in institutions and establishments to call employees to one of the headmen
  • for organizing an electronic queue in establishments working with clients, service centers and other institutions to invite customers registered in the queue under a certain number (the released employee sends a signal from the call button);
  • other spheres of application.

Product specifications

Dimensions 460x158x45
Range Indoor / Outdoor 200
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED screen
Power External power supply: 12 V, 1 A

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