Cashier transmitter R-98

Код: 65
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  • Standby current consumption: < 35 mA.
  • Current consumption in operating mode: < 125 mA.
  • Power supply (charger): 7.5 V, 5 A.
  • Weight: 73 g.
  • Serves up to 9999 pagers.

The RECS USA R-98 cashier’s transmitter works in the RECS customer call system and informs the customer that their order is ready by sending signals to the guest pagers. It is an integral part of the system for organizing electronic queues in fast-food establishments, service centers, culinary sections of supermarkets and other establishments where customers have to wait for their order, purchase and service. The transmitter is installed at the checkout or at the order issuance place.

The model features a waterproof body with soft rubber feet. There is a comfortable keyboard for dialing guest pager numbers on the front panel. The dialed number is displayed on the display indicator. The cashier transmitter can serve up to 9999 guest pagers. The radius of the radio signal in open space is up to 1500 m.

A unique feature of the model is the built-in repeater to enhance the signal and increase its range.

How it works

After receiving information from the kitchen about the readiness of a certain order number, the cashier dials the number of the corresponding guest pager on the transmitter's keyboard. The waiting customer heads to take their order after receiving the signal to their guest pager.

The cashier transmitter RECS R-98 is used in fast-food establishments. It is usually installed at the checkout area, where the customer gets a guest pager after they made an order. The same principle works in the culinary sections of supermarkets, in bars where customers wait for their drinks to be made. In service centers, using the system is advised when performing minor repairs in the presence of a customer or when a customer waits for a manager's advice, resolving an issue on warranty repairs, etc. A guest pager system with a transmitter is also used at distribution points of goods purchased in online stores for organizing an electronic queue.

Product specifications

Dimensions 165x110x35
Range Indoor / Outdoor 1500
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED screen
Power Power supply (charger): 7.5 V, 5 A, Power consumption - 3.7 V, rechargeable lithium battery

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