Cashier's transmitter R-95

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  • 4 segment indicator
  • Touch keyboard
  • Serves up to 999 pagers

The kitchen transmitter RECS R-95 is an integral part of the RECS waiter / personnel call system. This ringing device is used to transmit radio signals to a pager clock and / or call receiver. RECS R-95 is used in cafes and restaurants to notify waiters that their orders are ready and call them to the kitchen. Also, in some establishments, the chef can call the administrator to the kitchen to resolve current issues. This device greatly accelerates and facilitates the work of large establishments that have several kitchen workshops, which can be located at different ends of the restaurant complex. Thanks to this system, the waiters will always serve customers in time and won't create traffic jams in the kitchen.

The transmitter is made in a stylish rectangular body of black plastic. On the front panel there is a comfortable touch keyboard for dialing a called number. The dialed number is displayed on a small screen. It is installed in the kitchen and on the bar, for convenient and quick notification of the waiter about the readiness of his order. RECS R-95 can serve up to 999 receivers. The range of signal transmission indoors is up to 70m, in open space - up to 100m.

Before using the transmitter, it must be programmed to work with the required number of receiving devices. To call the necessary employee, the pager's number is dialed on the transmitter's keyboard. The radio signal is transmitted to the receiving wristwatch (pager).

Product specifications

Range Indoor / Outdoor 500
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED screen
Power 220 V

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