Kitchen call transmitter R-910S

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  • 3 segment indicator.
  • Can transmit up to 999 personnel pager numbers.

The chef's kitchen transmitter RECS R-910 is a simple and reliable transmitter.

Initially, the device was designed to work in the restaurant business and was intended for the communication of the chef with the waiter by calling him to the kitchen when the ordered dish is ready. The RECS personnel calling system has long gone beyond the HoReCa institutions and is used in almost all spheres of life: industry, offices, hospitals, private homes and apartments.

It is advisable to use the transmitter in cases when it is necessary to call a large number of people in order not to use several buttons or multibutton devices for this.

The R-910S transmitter is installed in a room where a certain number of people are called. For example, in restaurants chefs call waiters to the kitchen, a secretary of the head calls employees, administrators call managers and so on.

The radio signal of the call is accepted by pager watches of the employees. The signal can also come to the call receiver, such a display is most often used to monitor and coordinate the work of personnel.

How it works?

The caller dials the pager number assigned to an employee, using the transmitter keyboard. After receiving the signal the employee sees exactly where it came from and heads to the call area.

Before commissioning, the transmitter is programmed to work with a certain number of pager watches and call receivers. This model can serve up to 999 receivers.

Product specifications

Range Indoor / Outdoor 400
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED screen
Power 220 V (adapter 220 \ 12V).

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