Waiter сalls receiver R-580

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  • Up to 3 two-digit numbers can be displayed on the screen at the same time.
  • Connect up to 99 call buttons.
  • Convenient software.
  • 12 ringtones.
  • Individual melodies for buttons.

RECS R-580 is a universal classical waiter calls receiver. The receiver is designed for three numbers, has a built-in LED color backlight case at the time of receipt of the call signal. Works in a wireless waiter / personnel call system RECS.

The screen can simulaneously display information about the three ringing signals in the form of a two-digit number. The large numbers on the left are the last call, the smaller ones on the right are the two previous calls.

When the radio signal from the call buttons or from the transmitter arrives at the receiver, its external transparent frame begins to sparkle with different colors of the LED backlight and then the melody sounds. There are 3 types of melodies available.

RECS R-580 call receiver is widely used in cafes, restaurants and bars to receive calls from visitors and for internal communication of employees. Signals are received from the call buttons installed on the tables, from the kitchen transmitters of the cook.

In medical institutions, beauty and spa salons, other similar institutions, the receiver accepts signals from the personnel call buttons. Receivers are also widely used in hotels, institutions and establishments, both for internal staff communication and for calling personnel by customers.

Product specifications

Dimensions 230x185x40
Range Indoor / Outdoor 300
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED screen
Power 220 Volt (220 \ 12V adapter)

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