Multifunctional call button R-333

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Functional buttons: CALL, CANCEL, PAY

R-333 is a three-function personnel call button.

The tightness of the button design allows its constant use in high humidity conditions. The waterproof button is not afraid of rain, moisture and is recommended for aquatic centers, beaches and open summer areas.

R-333 button is a multifunctional system. Three functions are combined in one button body to call a waiter or personnel in restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues.

Button functions are indicated by icons and titles: CALL, CANCEL, PAY

The sealed body of the button is made of shock-proof glossy white ABS plastic and a colored rubber insert that is very pleasant in tactile sensation. There is a bright LED in the center of the button. R-333 RECS is available in blue and red.

The plastic body of a pleasant round shape has a diameter of 60 mm and a height of 22 mm. The button is sticked onto a smooth surface (for example, tabletops or walls) with a double-sided tape.

The electronic circuit of the button was developed by the RECS company on the basis of the powerful American Atmel microcontroller with a 433 MHz digital synthesizer and powered by an integrated 23A-12 Volt battery. Button's lifetime lasts up to 2 years from one battery.

If a restaurant or an entertainment establishment occupies a large area — several floors, open spaces, pavilions and terraces — the range of the button can be significantly increased using the RECS R-002 radio repeater.

The waiter call button R-333 RECS is the best solution for your restaurant!

The set includes:

  • Call button in a white cardboard box and in a package.
  • Double sided tape for button attachment.
  • Power cell.

The waiter call system based on the R-333 RECS button is a convenient and effective tool in organizing the work of HoReCa establishments with a high level of service.

Product specifications

Dimensions 60x60x22
Range Indoor / Outdoor 100/300
Battery life up to 3 years
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED
Power A23 12B
Protection IP65

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