Multifunctional call buttons holder R-304

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    Functional buttons: "CALL", "CANCEL", "PAY", "ORDER"

The waiter call button RECS R-304 White Holder with 4 functional touch buttons is one of the most beautiful and popular models for waiter call systems.

An elegant, compact, and at the same time very stylish call button model was developed by the American company RECS to meet the most demanding modern trends and requirements of restaurateurs!

The design of the RECS R-304 White Holder button was developed by several professional designers, who carefully studied all the nuances of the new model — from the size of a transparent advertising insert, location of the touch buttons and tactile sensations when working with buttons to the color of the plastic stand.

Thanks to such a serious attitude, the waiter call button R-304 White Holder RECS with a transparent advertising insert and 4 functional touch call buttons with indication of pressing the corresponding function and a powerful digital radio transmission system was born.

Localization of the holder is done by sticking a label with all the necessary inscriptions directly onto the button body.

Complete set includes a transparent plastic glass frame for an advertising insert and 4 batteries of 1.5 Volt.

One set of high-quality batteries can last for up to 3 years of operation!

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Product specifications

Dimensions Base: 122x81x29; Menu: 181x95x3;
Range Indoor / Outdoor 100/300
Battery life up to 3 years
Body ABS plastic / acrylic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED
Power CR2016 3V - 2 pieces
Protection IP65

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