Waiter сalls receiver R-1048

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  • Four-line screen with 48 buttons (12 buttons and LEDs in each row).
  • Output up to 48 ring signals simultaneously.
  • Supports up to 48 call buttons.
  • The call indication is turned off by pressing the button next to the lighted indicator on the receiver.

The R-1048 RECS USA wireless personnel call receiver is a unique personnel call system device that can simultaneously receive and display information from 48 personnel call buttons.

The personnel and waiters call receiver is used in HoReCa, medical institutions, as well as in any establishments where remote contact with customers is necessary for the organization of the service.

48 light indicators in 4 rows of 12 each are placed and numbered on the panel. They are connected to 48 channels of wireless call buttons. Each indicator corresponds to the number of a certain table in a restaurant, a room, a bed, or a room in a medical institution where a call button is installed.

When you a call button is pressed by a restaurant visitor or a hospital patient, the corresponding light on the display lights up and a call signal is heard. And then the relevant staff is immediately sent to the client or patient's call.

Contents of delivery

  • User manual in English
  • Waiter and personnel call receiver
  • External power supply adapter

Product specifications

Dimensions 330x136x20
Range Indoor / Outdoor 500
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED screen
Power 12 V, 5 A

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