Multifunctional call button R-104

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    Functional buttons: big white CALL button in the center, gray PAY, ORDER and red CANCEL buttons in the corners.

A unique feature of the hookah and waiter call button R-134 is that it actually combines four call buttons with different requests from customers, which greatly simplifies the work of the waiter and increases the level of service.

Description of the waiter and hookah call button R-134

The call button of this model is made of high impact plastic with a wear-resistant coating. Its' brown or black body in the form of a triangular truncated pyramid with rounded corners has size of 65 x 60 mm with a height of 20 mm. The side surfaces are glossy. Four buttons are located on the upper opaque surface:  big white CALL button in the center, gray PAY, ORDER and red CANCEL buttons in the corners.

There is a special double-sided tape on the back of the button, which can be used both as a regular base and for fixing on a smooth surface (on a wall or a table) or on the original RECS stand.

How it works

When you press any of the buttons on the case, a bright red LED light comes on. The signal is immediately received by a waiter's pager-watches and/or the receiver. Having received the message, the waiter sees not only from which table the signal came, but also the preliminary purpose of the call. For example, if the PAY button is pressed, they should bring a check.

The reach of the button signal is up to 100 m indoors and up to 300 m outside. Thanks to the repeater, the radius of action increases up to 300 m indoors and up to 700 m outside. When you press the CANCEL button, the call is canceled and the number of this table is deleted from the receiver and pager screens.

Product specifications

Dimensions 65x60x20
Range Indoor / Outdoor 100/300
Battery life up to 3 years
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED
Power A23 12B
Protection IP65

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