Call button R-100

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The R-100 button in the shape of a bell is quite large — 88 mm high and 85 mm in diameter, made of transparent durable plastic of various colors. Devices can be selected in one color range or combined in various color combinations. For example, many elegant designs of blue and green colors that have come into fashion will suit many interior design solutions.

R-100 wireless waiter call button is a complicated electronic device. There is a radio electronic card with a special microprocessor inside and a digital frequency synthesizer, which provide the function of radio transmission.

The call button is located on the dome of the bell. When it is pressed inside the bell, 6 bright LEDs turn on, creating the illusion of a running light, and the signal immediately goes to the waiter's pager-watch and/or to the call receiver. After receiving a message on his pager-watches, the waiter sees from which table the call was received, and then hurries to the visitors.

These buttons have a long range: up to 150 m indoors and up to 350 m outside. If it is necessary to expand the coverage area of ​​the signal, a repeater is installed, thanks to which the radius of action is increased respectively up to 300 m and 700 m.

Product specifications

Dimensions 85x85x88
Range Indoor / Outdoor 150/350
Battery life up to 3 years
Body Ñlear plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED
Power 9V 6LR61

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