Touch Screen Waterproof Watch Pager R-08

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  • Color Touch Screen TFT display.
  • Simultaneous display of 2-4 numbers with the number of calls and the time of the last call.
  • The number of the calling button can consist of 4 characters or numbers.
  • Connect up to 999 waiter call buttons.
  • Save and view the last 99 calls.
  • Assign an individual value for each key, which is very convenient to use in 3- and 4-button call systems in restaurants and medical institutions.
  • Radio-off function allows to use the pager as a regular watch.
  • Works with multi-function multi-button RECS call buttons, RECS buttons and RECS transmitters.
  • Waterproof IP65

The waiter's pager watches RECS R-08 Touch Screen Waterproof Watch is new model of 2019 year. The model has a bright color Touch Screen display. In its stylish and slim case made of ABS - plastic with a rubberized rubber strap, this pager has an incredible software power and rich functionality that will easily satisfy even the most captious client - a restaurateur or the head of the medical establishment.

RECS R-08 Touch Screen Waterproof Watch Pager features

  • 2-4 call numbers are simultaneously displayed with explanatory text with the number of calls and call time on the pager screen.
  • Built-in 3.7 volts 500 milliampere battery with the ability to charge via USB connector.
  • Possibility to work with multifunctional call buttons.
  • Possibility to save and view the last 99 calls.
  • Supports of up to 999 waiter call buttons.

RECS R-08 is available in black color. 

Package contents

  • waiter's pager in the form of a wristwatch;
  • wireless power adapter and charging cable;
  • user's manual;
  • beautiful, stylish box.

Product specifications

Dimensions 57x40x14
Range Indoor / Outdoor 100/400
Body ABS plastic
Color White / Black
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication Signal / Vibration / Signal + Vibration
Power Built-in 3.7 V 500 mA battery, charging via micro USB
Protection IP65

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