Repeater — signal amplifier R-002

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  • Operating voltage: DC12V.
  • Standby voltage: 30mA.
  • Operating current consumption: up to 255 mA.
  • Transmission power: 500mW (transmission distance of about 1500 meters in an open area).

The device is intended to amplify the signal of transmitters operating in the RECS personnel call system. Thanks to the repeater repeater, the range of the call buttons of the staff and the kitchen transmitter of the cook is increased.

Installing a personnel call signals repeater:

The location of the repeater depends on many factors - the floor space, the number of floors and the architectural features of the building or terrain (when working outside). To select the best location, the repeater should be placed between the transmitting and receiving devices and adjust the distance of the signal. Then the amplifier is fixed in the selected place and the receiving devices are adjusted. If necessary, install two or more repeaters.

Product specifications

Range Indoor / Outdoor 1500
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 315/433,92 MHz
Power 220 volts via adapter 12 V / 2 A (included)

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