Batteryless waiter call button RECS HIBO Bill

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Waiter Call Electronic Button RECS HIBO Bill - No Battery! The call system for restaurants RECS HIBO with three-function buttons of the waiter (without batteries) is a new HIBO technology to protect the environment and the environment. Using even one electronic button RECS HIBO saves two living trees on Earth, protects 20 square meters of green soil and 400 liters of water from toxic acid-base waste, dioxins, sulfuric acid, lead, bismuth, cadmium and zinc!

Sensation for restaurant systems call waiters! Waiter call buttons - HIBO battery-free technology!  

HIBO RECS - the technology of the future! 

Transformation of mechanical energy of pressing a button into electronic pulses of a digital call signal! Pure electronic technology for cafes, bars and restaurants! Signal range - up to 800 meters! 

Advantages of HIBO Technology

Three-button multifunctional battery-free call system based on HIBO technology. The use of electronic HIBO call buttons protects the environment from toxic waste - acid-alkaline and lithium-ion batteries and accumulators!

Only one discarded battery has been decomposing in nature for more than 100 years, poisoning 20 square meters of soil, polluting 400 liters of drinking water and killing two living green trees on Earth. Millions of batteries daily kill and poison all life on our planet!

The use of electronic call buttons with battery-free technology HIBO RECS - these are powerful technical parameters based on high technologies and environmental protection around us!

Technical features

The RECS HIBO call system kit includes electronic call buttons, a converter – repeater, and any receivers and pagers. 

The electronic RECS HIBO Bill call button has three built-in functions: “Call”, “Bill”, “Cancel”. 

By pressing the “Call” button (bell symbol), the “Call” signal is instantly applied to RECS pagers.
When you click on the “Bill” button, the “Bill” signal is transmitted to the RECS pagers.
When you click on the “Cancel” button, all signals from this button are instantly canceled on the RECS pager screen.

The electronic circuit of the RECS HIBO call button was developed in ROYAL RECS (USA) and consists of a new generation piezoelectric transducer with a pressing resource of more than 100 thousand times (on average, more than 10 years of active use) and a circuit of a digital coded pulse signal generator based on the ATMEL microcontroller and a quartz oscillator with a frequency of 433.92 MHz. The signal power of the button is 10 mW, and the signal power of the converter is 100 mW.

The case is made of vandal-resistant black ABS plastic, with the designation of the keys for controlling the three buttons, applied by color silk screen printing. The button is attached to the table or to a special acrylic stand, using 3M double-sided tape. 

The range of the RECS HIBO system in open space is up to 800 meters, indoors - up to 300 meters.


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