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  • Number of ringing tones: 52 melodies;
  • ASK modulation, 10 mW power;
  • Volume: 4 levels, from 0 to 110 dB;
  • Working temperature range: from -30 to + 70 ° С;

RECS Wireless Doorbell Kit is a convenient and fast solution for communication between a house and a front door. Thanks to the wireless doorbell-receiver communication, the kit does not require additional installation expenses.

The doorbell has a high degree of water resistance IP55 and a wide range of operating temperatures from -30 to + 70 ° С, which allows it to work properly outside.

RECS Doorbell kit consists of an all-weather doorbell button and receiver. The doorbell is installed outside on the front door or on the gate with 2 screws or double-sided tape. The receiver is connected to the network indoors. Mounting kit included. The range of the receiver reaches up to 100 meters from the call button.

The original receiver with blue backlight is connected and fixed in a standard wall outlet.

Up to 99 different RECS call buttons, as well as other useful devices, can be connected to one receiver:

  • Wireless motion sensor;
  • Wireless door opener-reed sensor;
  • Flood sensor;
  • Fire detector.

You can set a ringtone to your liking by selecting one of the 52 suggested melodies. The volume of the signal is adjustable: there are 4 levels from 0 to 110 dB.

In addition to the main purpose, this kit can be used in the following places: rooms with a high level of humidity, to call the staff at the reception in a hotel, shop, cafe, etc.

The kit is very easy to install and configure, it does not require additional wires to connect. Compact, stylish and reliable.

The electronic circuit of the device was developed by specialists of the RECS USA laboratory, based on an ATMEL microcontroller with a frequency synthesizer of 433, 92 MHz and an output signal power of 10 mW. The receiver’s unique processor contains 52 music and sound bites to sound the selected call signal. The principle of the doorbell for the doorbell street RECS is extremely simple. The call button is installed near the entrance door. The receiver is located indoors within 100 meters from the call button.

When you press the blue call button, a blue frame lights up on the receiver around the front bell and the melody sounds.

Product specifications

Range Indoor / Outdoor 100/100
Battery life up to 3 years
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED
Power Button: A23 12V, receiver: 220V
Protection IP55

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