Coaster pager kit R-90

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Cashier Transmitter
  • Wireless encoding: 1527.
  • Current consumption in operating mode: < 60 mA.
  • Standby current consumption: < 35 mA.
  • Weight: 210 g.
Receivers (pagers)
  • Operating voltage: 3.7 V, rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Standby current consumption: < 35 mA.
  • Current consumption in operating mode: < 125 mA.
  • Weight: 73 g.

Guest pagers (Coaster pagers) is a convenient and popular tool for organizing an electronic queue. Coaster Pager R-90 RECS USA is an advanced model of guest pagers, which comes with a special transmitter. It's actually a ready-made system for communication with customers. The R-90 RECS guest pagers are much thinner than similar models. The transparent, glossy, deep burgundy body is more impact-resistant and ergonomically comfortable.

The slightly protruding rubber gasket between the parts of the body allows you to securely hold the gadget in your hands without any risk of dropping it. Thanks to its thin body, it is possible to install 20 coaster pagers on the charger stand, while other models support only 10 pieces charging at the same time.

The main feature of this novelty is that it works with a new kitchen transmitter, which is used for adjusting and programming the system. The transmitter is usually installed at the cash desk.

The transmitter body is water resistant. On its front panel there is a comfortable keyboard on which the cashier or manager dials the customer's pager number when their order is ready. The transmission distance of the radio signal in open space is up to 1500 m. This model of the transmitter is distinguished by the presence of a built-in repeater to enhance the signal and increase its range.

How does the R-90 Coaster Pager call system work?

After an order is payed, the cashier or manager hands a pager to the client. With a range of up to 1500 m, a customer with a pager in his hand, pocket or handbag can go quite far waiting for his order. When the order is ready, an employee dials the client's pager number on the transmitter's keyboard. A pager then notifies the client with vibration, flashing LED lights and a melody. Often the vibration signal is the most reliable alarm, especially in a noisy room with a guest pager hidden in a pocket.

R-90 coaster pagers are stored on the charger stacked on top of each other (up to 20 pieces).

Product specifications

Dimensions Transmitter: 168x110x37; Receiver: 95x95x11;
Range Indoor / Outdoor 1500
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED
Power Transmitter power supply: 9 V, 1 A, receiver (pager): 7.5 V, 5 A, Operating voltage 3.7 V

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