Coaster pager kit "Chocolate Bar"

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Queues is always an inconvenience, both for the clients and and business owners. In most cases, problems arise because of improper service organization. In any case, RECS Coaster Pager customer paging alert system offers an easy  solution for any queue issues.

Coaster Pager is the newest tool for organizing an electronic queue where customers do not stand in anticipation of the ordered dish, but sit at the tables, walk, go about their business.

The essence of the Coaster Pager alarm system

A customer who has made an order, for example, in a fast-food restaurant or a self-service restaurant, is issued an electronic wireless coaster pager. When the order is ready, the cashier or manager sends a signal to the pager and the customer comes to get the order. Visitors do not have to wait in tiring queues, and employees won't constantly have to be in the roar of the crowd.

Coaster Pager kit description

  • Coaster-pagers of this model resemble delicious chocolate bars. It is pleasant to take them in hand, it is convenient to put in your pocket while waiting. In order for pagers to work, they need to be charged. For this purpose, a special charger-base is provided, in the cavities of its slots 12 chocolate pagers are installed. The base can be programmed for a greater number of pagers. Then, when one batch is charging, the other one may be in operation.
  • The uniqueness of this kit is that the charger-base includes another important function: the signal transmitter. There is a comfortable keyboard on its body for dialing the number of the pager to which you want to send a signal.

Product specifications

Dimensions Coaster-pager: 51x104x10; Base: 157x234x36;
Range Indoor / Outdoor 300
Body ABS plastic
Frequency 433,92 MHz
Indication LED
Power Battery 3.7 V 500 mA, Battery Capacity: 360 mAh;

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